Water Management

Water Management and Benefits for UHDP Mango

Water management

The mango orchard needs to be equipped with a drip irrigation system. By using a drip irrigation system, we can irrigate the trees as per requirement. This saves 50% of water and 30% savings in fertilizers. Fertilizers are used accurately and efficiently. It saves electricity, labor and reduces the impact of weeds.

  • The need for water varies according to the type of soil, climate, age of the tree, and growth stage of the tree.
  • Irrigation is required at different stages of plant growth. It is necessary to irrigate the plants daily during growth for the first two years. After the second year during bahar, treatment irrigation is done after flowering, fruit development, and pruning after harvesting mango fruits.


  • Therefore, it is better to irrigate by drip irrigation method when required and as much as needed. When water is given by the drip irrigation method, moisture remains in the soil for a long time. So the plant grows well.
  • When water is given by drip irrigation system, water particles move vertically than horizontally; hence root zone of plants remained moist always, or the root zone part of the soil is always at field capacity, which is necessary for the growth of plants.
  • A drip irrigation system provides controlled watering as per the requirement of the plant; This saves 50% of water and electricity, and labor.
  • Applying fertilizer through drip irrigation through fertigation tank/venturi saves up to 30% of fertilizer quantity.

Benefits of Water Management:

  • We are saving on water, fertilizer, and weeding labor.
  • The mortality of trees is reduced.
  • The nutrients (fertilizers) given by the use of fertigation techniques are not released into the air. They are available to the crop without leaching out. That means saving fertilizers and saving labor for fertilizer application.
  • The use of drip and fertigation techniques can make the soil more efficient. So the plant grows well. Drip irrigation keeps the ground soft and moist. The earth does not become saline.


  • Drip irrigation increases the number of fibrous roots of the plant.
  • Drip water accelerates the decomposition of grass cover to the tree. So that the amount of organic carbon in the soil increases and the water holding capacity of the soil increases.
  • Drip water Improves Fruit quality and increases yield.

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