Pre Planting Activities

Steps Before Mango Plantation For UHDP

Mango Plantation Planning:

Layout and design of selected land before plantation.

The layout design finalized as per soil type. For example, in 4X2 m. spacing should be taken for high fertile heavy soil. This spacing is suitable for semi mechanization in uhdp orchard. This spacing is suitable for plain table land. In addition above spacing is suitable if our mango orchard is bigger in size. Here distance between plants is 2m, and the distance between rows is 4m. The 4m. distance in a north-south direction to get maximum sunlight from all sides of plant.

3X2 m. spacing is practiced for low fertile medium soil. This spacing is also suitable for undulated  land. Also above spacing is suitable if our mango orchard is smaller in size.

In addition to above spacing other spacing like 3x1m. and 4×1 m. are also practiced but training, pruning and other practices are not followed intensively.  Due to these reasons such mango gardens are not giving estimated production.

Pit digging as per layout.

steps-before-mango-plantationTrenching at desired spacingSteps Before Mango Plantation For UHDP

We are taking soil samples for soil testing.

Soil testing provides accessibility of soil components pH, organic matter, electrical conductivity, salinity, etc. Understanding the proportions helps to balance the nutrition of soil, extend yields and maintain soil fertility.

After the selection of land for planting mango, the soil is to be tested first. For testing soil, soil samples should be taken from 4-5 different places within the field. For 2.5 acre area one soil sample should be taken.

Precautions to be taken while taking soil sample:

Soil samples must not be taken beneath trees within the field, close to electricity poles and wells. A soil sample should be taken from 4-5 places by the zigzag way. A  soil sample should be taken in the summer months. For mango, a soil sample should be taken from all layers up to 3 feet.


Collect the soil in 4-5 pits and divide it into four parts. Divide the remaining two parts into four parts once more. Take one piece up to one kilogram. Pack it in a cotton bag and send it to the laboratory for testing.

  • Solarization of pits for a month. After pit digging or trenching pits or trenches should be kept open for one month so that  various stages of harmful insects and pests gets destroyed.
  • Application of organic inputs, organic waste in the pit or trench.
  • Refilling of pits or trenches and mixing of manure with soil.
  • Selection of mango variety and grafts.
  • Planning of border plantations, windbreak plantations, and fencing.
  • Planning for selection of intercrop.

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