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Nutrition Management For Mango UHDP

Nutrition Management In UHDP Mango

Mango trees need to be fertilized round the year to thrive and bear fruits every year. Depending upon the age of the mango crop, organic manure and chemical fertilizers should be given. Therefore proper Nutrition Management is needed. While planting before transplanting mango plants, a basal dose is given when the pits are open. Basal dose mainly content, organic matter should be given every year with 10 percent raise to 10 years and then constant application of tenth-year amount.

Nutrition Management for the first year

Farmyard manure(FYM)-10 kg per plant

Neem powder -1 kg per plant

Single superphosphate(SSP)- 0.5 kg per plant

Trichoderma- 50gm per plant

Fertigation: Fertigation is a suitable method of fertilizing mango orchards; This saves water, labor, and fertilizers and makes it possible to increase production through effective and efficient use. The application of fertilizers at different stages of crop growth increases the yield. The vegetative growth stage, flowering stage, fruit formation stage, and fruit development stage are the various stages that need to be fertilized in different quantities.


Fertigation technology is more efficient and accurate in the application of fertilizers than ever before. Fertilizer application with water-soluble fertilizers has a good effect in different stages of the plant. Fertilizers do not degrade, waste, or evaporate when applied by the fertigation mechanism. Fertilizer, labor, electricity, water, etc., are saved by the use of a fertigation mechanism.

Also, micronutrients should be sprayed three to four times a year (On new leaves) and at the time of growth. Micronutrients are best available to the plant by spreading. Also, in June-July and November-December (twice a year), humic acid should be given through fertigation.

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  1. According to Gavane several farmers in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are following his pattern and UHDP is spread over 200 acres. Besides Kesar he has several of the Rumania variety which bear fruit twice a year and are from North Andhra Pradesh. The fruits of Benishan and Tommy Atkins from Florida, USA , the purple beauty, which a friend gifted are table varieties used for pickling and home consumption.

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