Variety Selection

Genuine Nursery Mango Grafts for UHDP

Selection of Mango Grafts

T the selection of Mango Grafts is very important in mango cultivation.

  • The height of the mango graft should be 1.5 to 2 feet.
  • The joints of the grafts should be uniform and tight.
  • The leaves should be large, green, and healthy.
  • The grafts should be procured from agricultural universities, government nurseries, or government-approved nurseries.
  • While selecting grafts for UHDP, rootstock and scion are the two essential things to be appropriately examined.

The rootstock is very important in nursery management. The rootstock is part of our future plantation on which our production success and life of trees depend.


Rootstock for UHDP plantation should have the ability to withstand adverse climatic and geographical conditions. The rootstock of our plantation remains in the soil and so should have a more active root system, the ability to go deeper and deeper in the ground.

Rootstock should be multi embryonic. Multiembreyonic seed stone of mango produces 4 to 5 new shoots after sowing, which can be utilized separately for grafting. Out of 4 to 5 new nodes, the central shoot is the sexual embryo and should not be taken for grafting to be used in UHDP.

Central shoot grafts can be used in a conventional mango plantation. A major shoot of multi embryonic rootstock can grow very fast, which is not required in the UHDP method.

All other shoots except the central node of multi embryonic rootstock are vegetative and can be used for grafts to be used in UHDP. Before selecting grafts, rootstock should be appropriately examined.

Deshi (Gavaran), M-13-1, Vilayakolamban are the multi-embryonic mango used for rootstock.



Scion sticks should be from healthy and well-managed mother trees.

  • Mother trees should be marked with a variety name and a separate block for each variety to avoid mixing types.
  • Mother trees should be high-yielding trees.
  • Mother blocks should be fertigated properly to get healthy and disease-free scion.

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