About Us

Our Specialty- Mango

  • Worked in the Development and Maintenance of the Medium Density Mango Plantation Method of plantation since 1996.
  • Now working with High Density and Ultra High-Density Mango Plantations In Mango.


  • New Innovative, Scientific, Productive, Beneficial Technology should be reached and used by a Farmer.


  • To Help Farmer with respect to technology.
  • To Increase Farmers Production.
  • To Increase Farmers Income.
  • To use Knowledge, Technology, and machinery.
  • To Reduce production costs.
  • To Reduce farm inputs.
  • To avoid Wastage.
  • To Develop a Scientifically designed orchard with respect to local Ecosystem, Topography, Soil, and Climate.
  • To Develop commercial mango orchards.
  • To rejuvenate Unproductive, non-marketable varieties in old orchards.
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